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Knee Joint Infrared Heating Kit


 If knees hurting is an excuse preventing you from going outdoors and enjoying activities such as cycling, hiking, or even simply walking, then Fazatus is designed to take away all that pain in just one use, so you can do whatever you like without worries.

This product is great for post knee surgery, arthritis, and any other knee pain that will give absolutely fast results without any hesitation! If you have been suffering from knee pains for a while, you may even have considered several options suggested by doctors:

Long-term health-damaging drugs and pills with plenty of known negative side effects
A $700 knee gel injection that only lasts for 3 months;
A $50,000 knee replacement surgery and 5 months of hospital visits;

Tazatus uses proven Far Infrared technology and is an affordable yet highly effective technology that is designed to:
  • Alleviate pain and discomfort so you'll feel refreshed with each use.
  • Improve blood circulation so that regenerative nutrients are carried to your joints;
  • Ease joint inflammations and reduce swelling;
  • Improves flexibility in muscle and joint fibers by keeping tissue youthful;
  • Eliminates chronic pains and aids recovery;

The Fazatus™ keeps everyone in mind and is perfect for:
  • Osteoarthritis sufferers
  • bone-on-bone knees
  • People who go to the gym frequently
  • Construction and extraction workers
  • People who enjoy hiking
  • Mothers with busy schedules
  • Runners
  • People with an active lifestyle
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: One size fits most knee, adjustable wrap-around knee brace, or extends to Thigh/Calf/Knee support and heat to a certain area if possible.

Safe & Quick Heat UP Feature: Fast heating electric knee pad that heats in seconds, provides ultra-comfy hot therapy for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery, keeps the knee warm, can also be used on calves, thighs, arms to relieve muscle soreness and cramps. Super comfortable for use. You can power the device with the cable provided, using your favorite power bank, a wall charger (5-12V DC recommended), or even your computer. USB is truly universal!, safe to use and RISK-FREE! The product needs to be connected to power for use otherwise it may be used as a knee brace when unplugged or portably used if connected to a power bank. Use in the morning and the evening daily, or whenever you feel pain. Regular use over a period of time will provide long-term healing benefits. Press and hold to power on. Once powered, single press to change intensity. The light color indicates intensity. Red is high, white is medium, blue is low.

PRECAUTIONS & ACTION REQUIRED: Turning the knob to the maximum voltage may cause power supply's blue light FLASHES, indicating that the voltage for the brace higher than needed. Need to turn the button to reduce the voltage until the light stop flashes and the heating system back to normal

Overheated Protection: Embedded with thermostat sensor. Internal heating wire max 100(℃)/212(℉), external max 80(℃)/176(℉), automatic POWER OFF WHEN overheated.

You'll feel an amazing, soothing warmth when using the TheKneed, BEST AFFORDABLE PRODUCT AND CHEAPEST PRICE ON THE MARKET, GET YOURS TODAY!
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